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The ministry of CAOM depends on volunteers generously sharing their time, love and faith. There are a number of ways that you can help us bring hope and light into Chattanooga's inner city. Get started by filling out the Volunteer Form.

Our current opportunities for involvement are:

 * Clothing trailer assistance (help to set up, maintain and take down clothing racks). The clothing giveaway may be done 3-4 times a yr.

 * Write & mail cards of encouragement to those in the community (many would just love to get this in their mailbox)

 * Conduct Bible studies with adults (we will attend with you the 1st time as to establish a relationship with the bible student)

 * Conduct an adult mentor glass or on an individual basis (some adults are asking for help in becoming better parents/adults). We are in need of male and female helpers.

* Come and visit with the elderly in their home

AFTER SCHOOL (in the community):


  • Reading teacher: help teach some of our younger kids how to better engage in their reading skills (once a week for about an hour)

  • Math teacher: help teach some of our younger ones the art of math (once a week for about an hour)

  • Snack team: come down as the kids are getting off the bus and supply them with a small sack snack (half a sandwich, fruit cup, and a juice)

Volunteer Fom

Volunteer form

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